17 Pictures of Don Cherry

Don Cherry is my FAVOURITE CANADIAN PERSON (except for my boyfriend but duh).

(Two blog posts in one day, I know!! And I might even do another one tomorrow.)

I think my favourite thing about Canada so far has to be Don fucking Cherry. What a classy guy. It’s not just the suits, but if I’m honest, the suits are what got me in the beginning. The man is a-maaaayy-zing.

A little history for those of you who don’t know who Don Cherry is:

Donald Stewart “Grapes” Cherry is a 76-year-old man and an NHL commentator for Hockey Night in Canada (HNIC is the name of the Canadian television broadcast of NHL matches). He was born in Ontario and was married to a really nice lady (Wikipedia doesn’t lie!) called Rose Cherry (nee Martini). Leaving aside the fact that Don Cherry married Rose Marinti in what was obviously a match made in baby-book-name-heaven, Cherry was a high school drop out and a minor league hockey player. From what I can tell, for a few years, he was also largely unemployable because he had no skills and never made the NHL (bar that one game with the Boston Bruins).

The first sign of Don’s bad-assery is that he’s 76 years old and still working. He obviously likes his job and that’s the kind of thing that I can relate to.

Second sign is that he’s a hockey commentator and from what I just saw today, he can tell the future. How did you know Roberto Luongo shouldn’t have been made captain of the Canucks way back in 2008, Don?! HOW!!

Third, he’s a drop out which automatically makes him a thousand times better in my book. Drop-outs are people too and 99.9% of the time we’re not useless or lazy or stupid, which is what a lot of people think. Drop-outs that go out and prove people wrong get the ATCGJ SEAL OF APPROVAL.

Anyway, I mentioned about Don Cherry’s wardrobe at the beginning of this post and really, it’s probably what he’s most famous for. Sure, the fact that he founded a charity in his wife’s name or named a street in Mississauga (that’s just outside Toronto) after her is probably a lot more important but  haven’t you seen the fucking suits??